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Fanwork Guide: Fanmixes

Only a single post per post 24 hour period is permitted. If you post at 2:58 AM today, you cannot post again until 2:58 AM tomorrow; however, you are free to update the post you posted today.

Posting fanmixes is reserved for fanmixes of your own creation. Use the Weekly Rec Post to recommend other artists' work.

All fanmix posts must be locked. You are responsible for what you post. If you have cover art use a small preview version and place the right-sized version with your playlist under a lj-cut or use an external link. Use the required header code provided below. Don't link to LOCKED posts. If you're going to lock your post after a few days, provide a warning in your post. Failure to lock posts, use small version covers, or include the lj-cut will result in deletion.

If your characters span multiple universes you are required to indicate to which universe your characters belong.

Here is a tutorial if you need further assistance in posting to spock_uhura. These are two examples.

We have a collection at Archive of Our Own (AO3). Feel free to archive your work there. AO3 is still in beta, so if you are not a member, request an account. The wait time is usually 24 - 48 hours.

Leave a comment here, Page-A-Mod, or PM a mod if you have questions or concerns. Comments are screened.
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