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This is a reprint. The original post was written by cleojones here. Leave a comment here, Page-A-Mod, or PM a mod if you have questions or concerns. Comments are screened.

Okay, so here's the second post, as promised. For those who participated in the first post (<--READ THIS TOO!!), THANK YOU.

Your input was invaluable.

First, I have to say the community screwed up ROYALLY in it's response to afro_dyte. She went through a helluva of a lot of crap in that post she made. And folks filled up the Bingo Card below and BEYOND. And the way it was(n't) handled WAS WRONG.

So, on behalf of spock_uhura I'm formally offering her the apology she deserves for this, now.

It's late as hell (understatement), but I'm hoping it's not too late. We are incredibly sorry and are doing our best to insure that it does not happen, again.

FoC's should not fear having to go through that kind of mess in this community.

Now, here comes the link spam (thanks, to those who provided them)! Please, READ THESE LINKS before getting involved in any future conversations we have involving race.


Hair Resource Post


It's something that ALL white people have. And no, it's not a disease nor does it make you a bad person. Please, read about it so you avoid using it against FoC's (fans of color).

A Guide to Racism 101 for Clueless White People, Written by a Slightly Less Clueless White Person

White People: Unpacking the Knapsack of Privilege by Peggy McIntosh
Primer for Privilege: What it is and What is Isn't

White Privilege


I think we've well established that colorblindness is not a good thing. Read more to find out exactly why that is.

Colorblind? Or Just Plain Blind?
helpful hint for the colorblind: BE LESS BLIND


Pro-Character of Color/Anti-Racism Guide
(Still) IBARW: Writing Characters of Colour (Now With 10% Less White Liberal Anxiety!)
Some advice for white people in fandom
Some thoughts on writing outside my experience

And the best consolidated link list, I've seen: 101 Primer

I would like to add that using a good beta reader will also help to avoid the many faux pas people make when writing characters of color. Those of you willing to offer your services, please make them known in this thread, as well.

DO NOT ASK the members of color here for information regarding the previous links. It is harassing! I repeat, do not. If the specific information is not provided in the posts above, google it.

And finally, for your usage and referral, because I KNOW at least some of you will be tl;dr regardless, refer to the BINGO BOARDS in the 101 Primer and the one, below. If you aren't sure? Check them before replying.

If you've just read these now and realize that you have unknowingly done these things to afro_dyte and other members of color, I would suggest you make your apologies known to them.

Now, this is the last place and time to place your questions, clarification, whatever. You may ALWAYS come back here to read answers.

And finally RACEFAIL BINGO!:
Special Spock/Uhura Editon ;)
This is one game you do not want to win.

Thanks, to the original Race Bingo Boards from the 101 Primer, for inspiration.

The goal is to avoid filling squares, okay? Now, the mods can't be here at all the times, so reminding each other, policing yourselves, messaging us about shenanigans when you see them, and referring back to this thread, would be a REAL help.

If you refuse to adhere to this after we've done all of this? The ban hammer will have to be wielded.

P.S. Because I've had a few inquiries about the difference between "Educating White People" and "Explaining Your Point", as well as that last being used as a possible loophole in discussions, leading down yet another path of RaceFail...Here's an example:

OP: The wiki on Uhura says she's from the United States of Africa and yet you see no markers of her culture on her during the movie, aside from her name. That sucks.

Educating White People: Cultural markers? What does that mean? But her earrings could be future African, right? etc...

OP: *annoyedkeysmash*

Explaining Your Point: So, you're saying that beyond the name "Nyota Uhura" there's nothing about her character that indicates her place of origin?

OP: Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.

It's a fine distinction, but I hope this is clear, nonetheless.

Please remember, basic respect, tact, and erring on the side of "googling first" will also go a long way towards preventing conversations from degenerating.

I want to reiterate uhuranspock4foc is a safe space for Spock/Uhura FoCs (fans of color). Despite the negative situation that proceeded, a positive thing came out of it.

This post will be linked in the sidebar and our userinfo.

Thanks, for reading. :)

Anything else, we're forgetting? Feel free to let us know. :)
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