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I hope this is helpful for everyone.

. general guidelines for posting

+ join the community and watch it for all the latest updates! :D
+ don't put any big content outside a lj cut (learn how to make a lj cut), there's no specific limit size but please use common sense when posting, not everyone has the same Internet connection :)
+ if you post something that you didn't make please credit the original maker/source or simply state that you didn't make it yourself - especially when it comes to fan videos
+ any possible spoiler goes behind a cut with a proper spoiler warning. Any kind of image/info/scene from Star Trek XI is not considered spoiler anymore, but if news from the sequel appear, those are SPOILERS
+ be kind to everyone, don't put up fights, etc. discussions are more than welcome as long as they are between civilized people :P
+ ship bashing won't be tolereted, doesn't matter if it's towards Spock/Uhura or any other pairing, people have different opinions & likes, there's no ship better than other and we're here to have fun, remember?
+ lock your post if you're posting downloads and such ;)
+ don't disable comments to your post, if you want people to comment on your lj state it somewhere in your post - but DON'T DISABLE THEM, thanks
+ don't delete comments to your post
+ community promotion isn't allowed. Please send a message to a mod to ask permission first, thanks :)

. how to tag your post

+ you can find all the available tags right here
+ members can't add new tags, only moderators can do that. If you think we need a new tag please tell us here or here. As for the Author tags, please don't worry about them, a moderator will add a proper tag for you as soon as possible :)
+ a few rules/info about the main tags in use:

.author: xxx
As stated above, if you're about to make your first post to the community, there's no author tag available yet for you. Wait for a moderator to add a proper one for you: there's no need to ask :) everyone gets one by *default* If you already have an author tag then add it when posting fanfics, graphics, fanarts, fanmixes, picspams, fanvids YOU MADE. If you're posting something you didn't make then don't add an author tag.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you already have your author tag add it everytime you post something fan-ish, nobody will kill you if your forget but it really helps the mods :)

If you're post doesn't fit with anything else this is the right tag for you :) It's also the right tag for approved community promotion.

rating: x
PLEASE add a proper rating tag (rating: g, rating: pg, rating: pg13, rating: r, rating: nc17) when posting fanfics & fanarts. Of course any other adult content (maybe you made a fanvid using NSFW scenes from another film?) MUST be properly specified and put behind a cut. If you're not sure which rating you should use try to check out this article (it focuses on film ratings, but you get an idea). If someone thinks you chose a wrong rating you can always change your tag after posting :)

Use it when asking for something: you don't find something and you need help? You have a question about the Star Trek fandom and would like it to be answered? Then it's the right tag for you. If you're not sure about which tag to use ask here for help or Page-A-Mod :)

star trek tos
This tag MUST be used everytime you post something from the original series. Whether it's a fanfic, screencaps, a video, ANYTHING else - add it. Since we get many more posts about the new film, I think it's better if we could find all the original series related posts in one click :)

star trek xi
Use this tag ONLY WHEN POSTING SOMETHING FROM THE NEW FILM. This means: pictures, stills, screencaps, scenes from the film. PLEASE don't use it when posting fanfics, fanvids, graphics, fanarts, etc. The majority of posts we get is all about the new film and it's quite pointless to tag them all in the same way.

videos & clips
Use it when posting scenes from the film and/or the original series, or video interviews with the actors. This is NOT the right tag for fan made videos, use fan: videos instead.

+ if you have any other concern about a tag please ask here! You'll receive an answer as soon as possible and the post will be updated if you're question is helpful to the other members.

. how to post a fanfiction/fanart

+ when posting a fanfiction please include the following information:


If it's a long fiction with different chapters, please include the link to the previous ones.
You can either put your fanfiction behind a lj-cut directly to the comm, or use a fake lj cut/a link to your journal.

(*) information that MUST be in your post. Anything else can be optional :)

+ when posting a fanart please include the following information:


You can either put your fanart behind a lj-cut directly to the comm, or use a fake lj cut/a link to your journal or DeviantArt account. You can use a small preview outside the cut, but please NO big images.

(*) information that MUST be in your post. Anything else can be optional :)

. how to post icons/graphics

+ if you're posting icons, please add just 3-4 teasers outside the cut and then link back to the entire batch with a lj-cut or a link to your journal
+ if youre posting large graphics use small previews outside the cut and then link back to the post with a cut or a link
+ please don't link to LOCKED posts. If you're going to lock your post after a few days, PLEASE say it somewhere in your post, thanks!

Any other question? You can ask right here :) To be updated.

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